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There is no need to pay any fee to go for foreign employment in these demands. The employer of the respective country bears all the expenses of the workers.

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Today’s Exchange Rate

Country Unit Buy Sell
 flag of India India Unit 100 Buy Rs: 160.00 Sell Rs: 160.15
 flag of United States United States Unit 1 Buy Rs: 133.41 Sell Rs: 134.01
European Union Eurozone Unit 1 Buy Rs: 143.19 Sell Rs: 143.83
 flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Unit 1 Buy Rs: 169.96 Sell Rs: 170.73
 flag of Switzerland Switzerland Unit 1 Buy Rs: 148.76 Sell Rs: 149.43
 flag of Australia Australia Unit 1 Buy Rs: 87.97 Sell Rs: 88.37
 flag of Canada Canada Unit 1 Buy Rs: 96.82 Sell Rs: 97.25
 flag of Singapore Singapore Unit 1 Buy Rs: 98.57 Sell Rs: 99.02
 flag of Japan Japan Unit 10 Buy Rs: 8.49 Sell Rs: 8.53
 flag of China China Unit 1 Buy Rs: 18.39 Sell Rs: 18.47
 flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Unit 1 Buy Rs: 35.57 Sell Rs: 35.73
 flag of Qatar Qatar Unit 1 Buy Rs: 36.59 Sell Rs: 36.75
 flag of Thailand Thailand Unit 1 Buy Rs: 3.63 Sell Rs: 3.64
 flag of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Unit 1 Buy Rs: 36.32 Sell Rs: 36.48
 flag of Malaysia Malaysia Unit 1 Buy Rs: 28.27 Sell Rs: 28.39
 flag of South Korea South Korea Unit 100 Buy Rs: 9.68 Sell Rs: 9.72
 flag of Sweden Sweden Unit 1 Buy Rs: 12.70 Sell Rs: 12.75
 flag of Denmark Denmark Unit 1 Buy Rs: 19.19 Sell Rs: 19.28
 flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong Unit 1 Buy Rs: 17.08 Sell Rs: 17.16
 flag of Kuwait Kuwait Unit 1 Buy Rs: 434.93 Sell Rs: 436.88
 flag of Bahrain Bahrain Unit 1 Buy Rs: 353.89 Sell Rs: 355.48
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