This country will pay you 11.4 million rupees to live there, will you go?

By: Anil Adhikari | 23 Jun, 2023


23rd June  | You have thought that some country wants someone to come and live in their country. That too by giving money as a assistance. You may be surprised to hear this news.

Yes here is surprised news for you. Ireland is offering a unique opportunity to encourage people to move to its offshore communities. It will pay generous cash to people who move to the countrys remote islands. But some prerequisites have to be met to receive the funds. 

Ireland is offering a unique opportunity for people to encourage life in their offshore communities.

The country will pay generous cash reward to people who move to the country's remote islands. The reward is part of the country's "Our Living Islands" policy, through which the Irish government is aiming to boost the population of its islands, Euro News reported.

The scheme includes communities on 30 islands not linked to the mainland by bridges and cut off by the tides. Some of them are Arranmore off the coast of county Donegal, with sweeps of golden sands and craggy cliffs, or Clare Island off the coast of County Mayo, a hiker's paradise with a resident population of just 160. The government will pay over 801000 Euro (NRs 114,00,000) to the new residents.

The project aims to rescue and restore the growing number of abandoned and dilapidated properties on the islands.

Those who want to live there will have to buy and take ownership of the islands constructed before 1993 and lying vacant for at least two years. 
The assistance amount provided by the government under the scheme can be used for insulation installation, structural improvement and re-decoration zinc construction works.

If you are interested to live there, the application for this scheme will open from 1st July. 

According to CNN. something else to consider is that while anyone can own property in Ireland, that doesn't necessarily guarantee the right to live in the country.

- Media Reports

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