Job opportunities are opening up in different sectors of the UAE next year

By: Anil Adhikari | 25 Sep, 2022


25th Sept, 2022 | Kathmandu |

In the UAE, one of the main destination countries for Nepalese, more than 12 sectors jobs are opening next year.

After the corona epidemic, the demand for workers in many areas has become necessary. According to the latest survey by and YouGov, companies operating in business management and consultancy, retail/commerce/trade, and consumer goods will be leading in hiring the number of new employees in the next one year in the UAE and the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.

According to information by survey, around 84% of companies operating in business management and consultancy say that they plan to hire employer in the next 12 months, while 82% and 81% of firms operating in commerce/retail/trade and consumer goods intend to recruit more people.

Sectors hiring in the next one year by industry:

If the survey is to be believed, there are 84 percent are likely to get opportunities in the field of business management/consultancy.82% Trade/retail. Likewise, 81% of Consumer goods, 77% Manufacturing, 72% Healthcare, 69% HR, 71% Engineering, 64% Marketing, 63% real estate/construction, 54% education, 53% IT/e-commerce.

The survey, collected from June 9 to August 1, covered results from 889 respondents across the UAE and region.

The companies will be mainly hiring entry-level staff. It is said that there is a need for skilled workers in most of the companies. The opening of employment sector in UAE will also benefit Nepali workers. The effect of this is that the skilled workers of Nepal will be able to go to the UAE. Skilled workers can earn well in UAE.

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