Special International Flight Schedule From 24 June 2021 to 30 June 2021
Baideshik Rojgar | 01 Jun, 2021
According to the flight information given by Tribhuvan International Airport, tomorrow's flight schedule is as follows, see below.
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How much is the fare for a Saudi chartered flight? With details.
Baideshik Rojgar | 20 May, 2021
Nepal Airlines Corporation has given information about the fee of chartered flight to Saudi. The ...
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There will be 13 international flights from Tribhuvan International Airport today (with schedule).
Baideshik Rojgar | 18 May, 2021
According to the data provided by the airport, today Nepal Airlines Corporation (Airlines) has th...
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Foreign Exchange Rates - for July 23, 2021 - Update
Baideshik Rojgar | 14 May, 2021
Note: Under the present system the open market exchange rates quoted by different banks may differ.
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Restrictions on international flights in Nepal extended till 31st May
Baideshik Rojgar | 11 May, 2021
The ban on international flights in Nepal has been extended till May 31. The Civil Aviation Autho...
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UAE stops regular flights from Nepal
Baideshik Rojgar | 10 May, 2021
The UAE's National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority and Civil Aviation tweeted...
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The last 25 days covid-19 report: How many infected in which district? (With data)
Baideshik Rojgar | 09 May, 2021
According to the report, the most infected people have been found in Kathmandu in the last 25 day...
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Latest international flight updates (With details)
Baideshik Rojgar | 03 May, 2021
The government has decided to stop domestic flights from Monday night. A cabinet meeting on Sunda...
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See today's exchange rate updates - Update
Baideshik Rojgar | 18 Apr, 2021
18th April, 2021 | According to the exchange rate released by Nepal Rastra Bank on Wednesday (18t...
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Important Contact Details
Baideshik Rojgar | 17 Apr, 2021
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See the list of manpower that received the final labor approval last month
Baideshik Rojgar | 09 Jan, 2021
Last November, 183 manpower got final labor approval. In which PARADISE INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD is ...
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