ZERO COST RECRUITMENT Opportunity for Malaysia !! Expired

Paliv International Pvt. Ltd

Hiring Company: Ban Seng Plastic Industries & Assembly Sdn. Bhd

LT Number: 300303

Required Nos: 16

Nrs. 41,760 - 41,760 /month


contact us

Paliv International Pvt. Ltd
Lic No. 1164/073/74

Maharajgung, Kathmandu, Nepal

[email protected]

+977-01-4518268, 4518716, 5911470

Particular Details
Minimum Qualification Under SLC
Working Experience According to position
Visa Ticket Provided
Food Provided
Accommodation Provided
Service Charge (Nrs) Rs. 0
Pre- Medical in Nepal Provided
Employment Insurance Not Provided
Contract Period 2

Job Position/ Salary Details

Job Position Male Female Salary
Factory Worker 16 0 41,760/-

Other Facilities


Free Visa, Free Ticket, Free Medical, No service and processing fees, No Cash Deposits, No salary Deduction, No Mediator, Free Food and Lodging before departure, Free Transportation after Selection from place of residency to airport and Return Transportation along with Accommodation (if required) after completion of Contract or Early Termination with adequate notice. All the fees as per the RBA Definitions of fees will be borne by the employer. (Refer to RBA Definition of Fees).

Section: A (Employment Terms and Conditions)

  1. Overtime isn’t mandatory but voluntary and is calculated as stated below:
  2. i. Normal Days: Salary X 1.5
  3. ii. Rest days: Salary X 2.0 
  4. iii. Public Holiday: Salary x 3.0
  5. Rest Day: One day in a week in accordance to Labor Law of Malaysia
  6. Public Holiday: 11 Days in a week in accordance to Labor Law of Malaysia
  7.  Leave:-
  8. i. Annual Leave: 8 Days for the first 2 years of Service
  9. ii. Sick leave: 14 Days for the first 2 years of Service
  10. Medical and Accidental Insurance: Workers are insured under the Current Foreign Workers Compensation (Insurance) Scheme (FWCS) and if applicable, the Foreign Workers Hospitalization and Surgical Insurance Scheme (SPIKPA).
  11. Right to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
  12. Right to Safe Keep Personal Documents.
  13. Nature of Job: Factory Worker in Manufacturing Sector

Section: B Additional things to Note

  1. This is a Zero Cost Recruitment process. Applicants are requested to apply directly without thirdparty agents. Applicants nor their family members are required to pay any fees, including items of monetary value (i.e: jewelry, livestock, phone, land).
  2. Only pre-selected applicants who attended the Pre-Screening will be considered for the Final Interview
  3. Recruitment is conducted in accordance with the Freely Chosen Employment Policy, ensuring no bias or discrimination.
  4.   For age verification, applicants must bring two government-issued identity documents (e.g., Passport (if any), Citizenship Card, National Identity Card, Driving License so on).
  5. Savings, bonds, and deposit programs through the employer or agents are not allowed during recruitment or employment.
  6. Paliv International Pvt Ltd doesn’t have any branches, mediators or representative. Paliv International Pvt Ltd is a Zero Cost Recruitment agency, so no payments are to be made for application


Pre-Interview is going on 29th Feb 2024 (Thursday) at Paliv International Pvt.Ltd Office, Kathmandu Mertopolitancity-04 Aruna Lama Marga.

Only the Pre-Selected Candidates will be eligible for Final Interview.

Final Interview will be Conducted on 3rd March 2024, at Paliv International Pvt.Ltd Office, Kathmandu Mertopolitancity-04 Aruna Lama Marga. 

Article Image of job ZERO COST RECRUITMENT Opportunity for Malaysia !!


 Note: You can check LT Detail on MInistry of Labour and Employment Department of Foreign Employment Website.

If you are thingking about foreign employment, following instruction is important:

  • Always Check the LT detail before applying.
  • Know about the remaining quota before applying. Quota might have been finished.
  • Know about the status and transaction history of Recruiting Agency and Foreign employer. You may use Google to search for it.

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Information Provided by the Department of Foreign Labor:

  1. Confirm that visa is issued under your name. 
  2. Keep the contact details and location of Diplomatic Mission of Nepal in the country you are going for the employment, it will be easy to contact if you get in trouble.
  3. Be clear on the services, facilities and salary that is mentioned in this advertisement. 
  4. Before going abroad orientation or induction training should be attended compulsorily.
  5. Before going abroad sign the employment contract only after reading the details regarding the country, company, facilities, services, terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement thoroughly and keep a copy of the same. 
  6. While going abroad use International Airport of Nepal or else you might be deceived. 
  7. If you want to know more details regarding this advertisement please contact Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), Tahchal. 

Ethical Policy

 Attentation please ! 

  1. Free Visa, Free Ticket, Free Medical, Free Processing, No Service Charge, No Cash Deposits, No Salary Deductions, No Mediator ! This means no placements fees, no processing fees, no salary deductions, no forced savings, no bonds, no cash deposits or any form of fees.
  2. Applicants are invited to apply directly without using any mediators. Applicants or their family members are not required to pay any form of fees for this recruitment.
  3. Pre/Final Interview being conducted at the releted manpower office. Interested applicants may visit with the CV and its supporting documents directly.
  4. You can report fraud, illegal activity or corruption to the concerned human resources office, they maintain your privacy.

contact us

Paliv International Pvt. Ltd
Lic No. 1164/073/74

Maharajgung, Kathmandu, Nepal

[email protected]

+977-01-4518268, 4518716, 5911470

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