Volunteers launch scheme to help labourers in UAE

24th March (UAE) | Some Organisers aim to provide free meals and hygiene products to more than 4,000 workers in UAE.

A group of volunteers aim to provide more than 4,000 labourers in Ajman with regular free meals. The coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic meant some workers had limited access to hygiene products and food.

Due to the current situation, many cannot afford to buy meals and do not have the money to buy hygiene products to stay safe.

Food-ATM provides free meals to “less privileged” groups in the Emirates. Every day for the next 30 days, food boxes containing two meals each, as well hand sanitiser and soap, will be distributed to businesses in Ajman’s industrial area.
CR Hope Foundation informed Food ready for delivery. The same supplies will also be delivered to labour camps in the emirate for workers living there.

The health kits each cost 5 AED to put together while the food parcels are worth about 15 AED.

Ayesha Khan, the founder of Food-ATM, said the scheme would ensure the health and safety of thousands of labourers.

New Abu Dhabi factory boosts mask and sanitiser production

A new factory has been built in Abu Dhabi to manufacture tens of thousands of masks and bottles of sanitiser to boost the fight against Covid-19.

About 50,000 masks and 48,000 bottles of sanitiser are being produced every day by VPS Healthcare and will be supplied to government offices, which is relentlessly fighting to contain the viral infection.

Demand for masks and sanitisers has surged across the UAE.