Fusion International (P) Ltd

 Panchakumari Marga, New Baneshwor

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Fusion International (P) Ltd. Company that supplies suitable manpower from Nepal to other parts of world is committed to promote quality working personel, their sincere dedication to work and as well as demand prospective employers, keeping standards in professionalism to accountability as a mark of recognition that enjoys both Nepal and rest of the world. Fusion, a company doing profitable business is up to work in meeting all obligations & commitments to long term relationship based on mutual benefits & partnership with the importers & employers of the manpower recommended

Particular Details
Manpower Name: Fusion International (P) Ltd
Government License No.: 283/058/59
Address: Panchakumari Marga, New Baneshwor
Contact: +97714461213
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: http://fusion-intl.com.np/