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Looking For Foreign Employment, Get Job In OMAN

- Posted on : 2019-09-20 11:42:42

OMAN is looking for well experienced candidate for job opportunity under vacancy LT No.224271. There are different  job vacancy positions from this company. Working days per week is six days. There will be food and accommodation facilities. High basic sal

About Us

Anjulima Int’l is a registered Recruitment Company in Nepal. Currently providing skilled workers to variety of industries in Middle East and South East Asia. The main industries of focus are Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, Transportation, IT and Service industries. In the Competency Hierarchy we can recruit in levels ranging from low/entry skills including Menial labor to highly skilled professionals.

Companies in the Middle East and South East Asia have provided employment for hundreds of thousands of Nepali jobseek­ers for more than a decade now. We expect this trend to grow as economies in the region prosper.

Manpower from Nepal

We will strive to provide a one stop HR recruitment service for employers. If necessary we will also undertake HR planning. We have qualified HR professionals in our core team with years’ of experience in managing organizations.

Vocational Trainings in a “business 2 business” format is another important facet of our service. We own and manage Nepal’s biggest Vocational training Institutes for the Construction and Hospitality Industry under the brand “Associates’ Synergy Nepal”.

An exclusive strategic partnership has been developed, with an ownership stake, with one of Nepal’s most successful Local Human Resource Recruitment firm. Their expertise and brand appeal will help us enroll more applicants and understand the business much better.

Strategic Intent

Provide a comprehensive one-stop Human Resource Recruitment services for Businesses in the Middle East, South East Asia and beyond.

World Class job specific and aptitude based Trainings for Nepali Job Seekers in vocational education for the Construction, Hospitality and IT Industry.

Consultations for Job Morphing and Career Development Programs to help practicing professionals migrate out of Nepal for better opportunities.


Registration No. 54152/064/065, Registered as a Private Limited Company, incorporated on 25th June 2008 pursuant to sub-section (1) of the section 5 of company Act 2006, under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Government of Nepal.

Under Ministry of Labour and Transport management; the Government of Nepal, the department of labour and employment promotion has issued license (no.774-065/066) under the foreign employment AAct 2064 B.S as/ for a manpower company in Nepal.

Strategic Direction

Nepal is blessed by one of the world’s most beautiful Geography. Another important asset of the country should be its’ young population. The population of Nepal is said to have reached 30 million with half of the figure below 15 years of age. This demography advantage could easily turn into a social nightmare if Nepal’s policymakers will not be able to provide sustainable employment. Alas; with the economy in shambles after 10 years of war and an anemic peace process and the endemic, ongoing political wrangling among interest/power groups, there is little for optimism.

Foreign Employment and the remittances sent home by migrant workers has been the only bulwark of this country’s economy for years. Dollar remittances sent by Migrant workers; notably from the countries of Middle East and Malaysia, pay for the country’s huge current account deficit.

For years to come this country’s economic growth will depend upon economic miracles elsewhere. We are thankful to the Governments of the countries of the Middle East and South East Asia as identifying our country as an important source of Human Resource in absence of their own.

Particular Details
Manpower Name: Anjulima Intenational Pvt. Ltd.
Government License No.: 774-065/066
Address: Kalimatidole, Near International Airport Kathmandu
Contact: +977-1-4473300
Email Address: [email protected]