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Anjali Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd. located at Samakhushi, Kathmandu Nepal, has been formally established with the view to assist the process of nation building in broad perspectives, and is registered under the legal constraints of private companys Act 2053 with the license no 639/063/064.

Anjali Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd. Aims providing large number of employment opportunities abroad to unemployed Nepalese, Which helps the country a little bit in solving the unemployment situation in the future as various studies on national economy have very significantly established the role of foreign employment on economic growth of the nations. 

Remittance inflow from foreign employment is considered to be on of the major and vital elements of national economy. With this backdrop, this company has focused on that particular area of importance, have envisaged adding our calibers enhancing the progressive indices of the economic growth through providing the fully contented services to foreign employers as per their requirements. This is what we are exactly moving for. So, basically, this company has been established with the clear objective to support Government of Nepal in diagnosing the root causes of escalating unemployment problems and addressing those by exploring massive employment opportunities abroad for large number of unemployed people. The dream strongly maintains connection with realization that the unemployment is posing a serious threat for the country’s future.

AOS Pvt. Ltd. is a well reputed & dependable manpower recruiting agent of Nepal. AOS Pvt. Ltd. is managed by the qualified & experts personnel who are well trained & experienced in the field of man power planning & recruitment. AOS Pvt. Ltd.  helps the country finding out the right job to the people with the right qualifications, experienced and aptitude. We fully intend to supply the most reliable, fair, potential and professional manpower safeguarding the best of interest of both the employers and employee. AOS Pvt. Ltd. Holds a well structured from of the company comprising a visionary management and much dedicated and competent team members to meet the demand for the supply of quality manpower in the international labor market. This would reciprocate the interests of employee and the employer in benefit of both. We fully intend to supply the most reliable, fair, potential and professional manpower safeguarding the best of interest of both the employers and employee. 


We are feeling pleasure introducing our organization Anjali Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd. as a Manpower requirement agent of the nation, and feel much privileged to reach to you through this company profile. This moment is exactly what we were aspiring for. On this very auspicious occasion of introducing ourselves as a company, we, on behalf of board of directors and staffs, would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you all the well wishers or affiliated individuals and institutions for all the kind and support.

Anjali Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd. is conceived and planned by its executive team having expertise and experiences of more then ten years in supplying the Nepali workers and human resources of various categories ranking in four parts as professionals, skilled technicians, semi-skilled to unskilled human resource particularly in the field of engineering, building construction and contracting ,office personnel management, transportation, hotels and catering staffs, hospitals, garments and  textile and many more . We can supply quality people as required by employer and our placement would be much sincere,honest, dutiful, obedient, disciplined and physically also capable enough. We would like to assure our foreign employer colleagues that all the workers provided to you work as per your direction subject to the agreement or contract paper made before their recruitments affirmed. 

You may please feel free to contact us at any time for further information regarding recruitment of Nepalese man power. As our clients as our most valuable asset we remain at your best service. So if you are in need of manpower recruitment from Nepal, feel easy & love to contact us and let us be at your service. We will do our best to make you satisfied. We hereby want to assure you the quality service and better cooperation in future and look forward to your kind response. 

Thanking you,


Bhanu Prasad Siwakoti


Particular Details
Manpower Name: Anjali Overseas Service Pvt. Ltd.
Government License No.: 639/063/64
Address: Samakhusi, Mahadevtar Height, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: +9771-4387207, 01-4387207, 014382553
Email Address: [email protected]