Regular flight fares fixed by Nepal Airlines (with list)

Sept 2, 2020 | Nepal Airlines has announced the fares of its regular flights. Nepal Airlines has announced the fares of regular flights.

According to the corporation, airlines are categorized into different classes when determining air fares for regular flights.

Accordingly, the corporation has fixed class-wise fares for four destinations. The Ministry of Tourism has now decided that foreign airlines coming from the sector where regular flights are also required to come to Nepal at the fare fixed by the corporation.

Class Malaysia-Ktm Dubai-Ktm
Y MYR 2003 AED 2120
M MYR 1803 AED 1820
N MYR 1628 AED 1720
O MYR 1458 AED 1440

Hongkong - KTM : HKD 4198 

Narita- KTM : JPY 76300 

The ministry has instructed the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) not to allow flights to Nepal by charging higher fares. 

The corporation has stated that the fixed fare includes all taxes. The corporation has also requested that no one should buy tickets for more than the prescribed fare.

The fares may vary in proportion to the number of flights, passengers and the number of seats available in the classified class.