World's Top 10 Best Countries to Work Abroad

Do you know, Which Country is best to work in the world ? 

Do you know, Which country has the best job opportunities ? According to average salary and job facility, the European country Luxembourg is in top rank. After Luxembourg, Switzerland is the second best work country in the world. 
Today we are going to let you know about those 10 country which is best for work. According to some report USA's position to work is in third position. Here’s an overview of the top 10 best countries for work based on average earnings.Beside that, the top rank is based on yearly income, minimum wage, vacation days, holidays, leave, insurance, healthcare as well as unemployment rate. 

Here is top 10 country rank and status of work:

1.  Luxembourg (European Country)

Luxembourg is an small European Country. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - a small country landlocked by Belgium, France and Germany - is a prominent financial center. Many of its inhabitants are tri lingual in French, German and Luxembourg. Luxembourg's prosperity was formerly based on steel manufacturing. With the decline of that industry, Luxembourg diversified and is now best known for its status as Europe's most powerful investment management center.
Citizens of Luxembourg enjoy low unemployment, high wages, and a very low crime rate.

More About Luxembourg... 

Unemployment Rate: 6.5 percent 
Average Income: $60,369 Yearly
Minimum Wage: $11.20 per hour
Vacation: At least 25 days
Public Holidays: 10 | Parental Leave: Paid 
Average Hours Worked per Week: 30

2.  Switzerland

Unemployment Rate is very good in Switzerland, Only 3.6 present citizens are Unemployed. 
Average Income: $58,389 Yearly
Minimum Wage: No Minimum Wage 
Vacation: At least 20 days
Public Holidays: 7 to 15 days | Public Holiday depends on the states of Switzerland 
Healthcare: Provided by private companies; Insurers must cover pre-existing conditions
Average Hours Worked per Week: 31 hours 

3.  United States (US)

US is world famous country. Based on working environment and earning U.S. is the third largest country in the world.  
Unemployment Rate: 4.8 percent 
Average income: $58,714
Minimum Wage: $10.90 per hour 
Vacation: 20 days
Public Holidays: Average of 8 
Average Hours Worked: 34.4 hours per week 

4.  Australia 

Unemployment Rate: 5.7 percent 
Average income: $50,167
Minimum Wage: No Minimum Wage 
Vacation: 10 -20 days based on tenure 
Public Holidays: Average of 7 days yearly  
Average Hours Worked: 32 hours per week 

5.  Norway 

Norway is a wealthy country with the 4th highest per capita income in the world. 
Unemployment Rate: 4.4 percent (According the last year record)
Average income: $50,908
Healthcare: National healthcare financed by the government
Minimum Wage: No 
Vacation: 25 days
Public Holidays: 2 days 
Average Hours Worked: 27.4 hours per week 

6.  Netherlands

Unemployment Rate: 5.3 percent, January 2017
Average income: $50,670
Minimum Wage: $9.60 per hour
Vacation: At least 20 days
Public Holidays: At least 10 days
Healthcare: Private insurance funded by payroll taxes shared by employees and employers.
Average Hours Worked per Week: 27.3 hours 

7.  Iceland

Unemployment Rate: 3.6 percent 
Average income: $46,074
Minimum Wage: No Minimum Wage
Vacation: 24 days
Public Holidays: 13
Healthcare:  All citizens are covered by a National Healthcare System, mostly funded through taxes with a small percentage through service fees
Average Hours Worked per Week: 36.2 

8.  Denmark

Unemployment Rate: 4.3 percent 
Average income: $50,024
Minimum Wage: No Minimum Wage
Vacation: 25 days
Public Holidays: 9 days
Healthcare: Comprehensive national health system funded by the government
Average Hours Worked per Week: 28 hours 

9.  Belgium

Unemployment Rate: 7.6 percent 
Average income: $47,702
Minimum Wage: $10 per hour
Vacation: 20 days
Public Holidays: 10 days 
Healthcare: Combination of government funded and private insurance; Payroll deduction shared by employee and employer funds government share
Average Hours Worked per Week: 29.6 hours 

10.  Canada

Unemployment Rate: 6.8 percent, Jan 2017
Average income: $47,843
Minimum Wage: $8.20 per hour
Vacation: 10 Days
Public Holidays: 8
Healthcare: Single payer, government funded national healthcare system. Canada has the highest average life span and lowest infant mortality rate of developed countries.
Average Hours Worked per Week: 32.8 hours 

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