What not to pack in your carry-on luggage while travelling ?

Here, are list of the items you are strictly prohibited to pack inside your carry-on luggage.Please, be sure not to pack these kind of items/stuffs in your carry-on bag.

1) Liquids over 3.4 ounces or 100 ml

- You are not allowed to carry liquid materials over 100 ml in your carry-on bag.So, please be sure you are carrying only less amount of liquid material while travelling.                                

2) Sharp objects:

- Scissors that are less than 4 inches long, like nail scissors, are generally allowed by  Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Make sure about the objects you carry during your trip.

3) Sporting equipment:

-Baseball bats, pool cues, bows & arrows, hockey stick, golf clubs, and many other sporting equipment containing the word stick, bat or club cannot be brought on the plane as a carry-on.

4) Guns:

-Clearly, a gun is a weapon, and they don’t allow you bringing it on the plane in your carry-on luggage.

5) Self-defense items:

-Self-defense items, like:pepper spray, mace or any kind of sharp tools, are not allowed by TSA in carry-on bag.

6) Tools:

-Almost, but not all, tools are prohibited in carry-on bag. If you are planning on bringing your tools with you, you better put them in checked luggage. You are not allowed to bring a hammer or drill bits in your carry-on luggage.

7)  Flammable items:

- Flammable items are strictly prohibited by TSA .In case of lighters, it can only be allowed if they have no fuel in them .Be sure your are not carrying such kinds of flammable stuffs in your luggage.

8) Meats, fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products:

-TSA has banned all kinds of agricultural products in your luggage .You might get fined by TSA if you carry items like, meats,fruits,or other kinds of agricultural products.

9) Stinky foods:

-Don't bother to pack the items which has different kind of smell , all people may not like the smell of the food items you are carrying along with you in your carry-on bag .Make sure and be respectful of your neighbors and leave the fish and other stinky food items at home.

10) Radioactive materials:

-Radioactive materials or substance are prohibited to carry in your carry-on luggage.Materials like uranium, Paladium-103, and Ruthenium-106, plus fluorine, gallium, krypton, rubidium,  are not allowed to carry in your luggage .These materials are extremely dangerous.