10 Proven and Tested Tips to Extend Battery Life on Smart Phones

  1. Take Control of Your Location:
    The most drastic way to improve your phone’s battery life is to turn off the GPS function. Though, that’s not usually practical. Therefore, we instead recommend you to taking control of how your phone and apps use location service.
  2. Switch to the Dark Side:
    Switching to a dark theme helps to preserve the battery. Since OLED displays can disable individual pixels, backgrounds with deep blacks allow them to consume less power.
  3. Manually Disable Screen Pixels:
    You can also manually switch off pixels through a third-party app .Some manufactures also include a setting that allows you to reduce the display’s resolution.
  4. Turn Off Automatic Wi-Fi:
    To turn it off, open Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi. Under Wi-Fi preferences, uncheck the Turn on Wi-Fi automatically option.It really helps alot to extend your battery life.
  5.  Limit Apps Running in the Background:
    Most apps you use are active even after you exit them. With a simple switch, you can completely restrict an app from accessing the battery in the background. (Settings > Apps & Notifications and there, inside the specific app’s page, tap Advanced > Battery > Background restriction.)
  6.  Manage Background Data Access for Each App:
    You can cut off data access for apps you don’t think should use it in the background. Goto Data Usage option for this.
  7. Monitor Misbehaving Apps:
    If there’s an app you don’t use much, you should uninstall it and monitor the battery for a day to see if it improves. You can also force-close the app and give it another shot.
  8.  Switch to Lite or Progressive Web Apps:
    There are slimmed-down versions of apps available in a browser. They take fewer resources, but you won’t miss out on much.
  9. Disable Google Assistant:
    I t’s also one of the features that constantly gobbles up your phone’s energy. I If you don’t heavily depend on Google Assistant, it’s best to shutter it.
  10. Sync Settings:
    To disable auto-sync, visit Settings > Accounts and there, the Automatically sync data options should be available at the bottom. You can also disable sync on a per-app basis in most apps.