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Career Building Opportunity In Oman.

- Posted on : 2019-03-03 13:18:24

OMAN opens up employment opportunity for candidate. Electric Control Panel Laborer is the job vacancy position from this company. High salary is about thirty-thousand  rupees per month. There will be visa and ticket available from the company to the selec


Decreasing population growth rates in developed countries are a factor to create the employment opportunity be more in global market.

Immerging demands are seems to be more scientific and its fulfillments would really be a problem by traditional way. So a great change has to be taken place in the process of recruitment.

After the establishment, World Net has became one of the ethical and professional recruitment firms in Nepal,has build a reputation for quality & specialized services. We offer candidates and client companies personal service, confidentially and the most professional standards in the recruiting industry.As a result,we have placed thousands of individuals abroad at business and entrepreneurial firms.

World Net closely works with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in prospects and conduct the interview of candidates extensively to ensure their experience. We stay actively involve through the clients interview and follow up.

Our fundamental objective is to launch long term successful relationship between the individuals we placed and our clients

World Net has indeed outstanding job on providing Nepalese human resources in international job market and enhance the level of professional competence.

Indeed we welcome all of you be benefited from our services.

Thanks & Regards

D.B. Nalbo

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