Safal Overseas Services Pvt. Ltd. Has one fundamental mission connect the best available talent with the available career opportunities. The clients we partner with are among the most
successful companies in the region. They are leader in their field, when they are staffing
needs they seek candidates who fulfill the job requirement.

I want to say my few words about my organization as a Chairmain SAFAL OVERSEAS
SERVICES PVT LTD is the best manpower agency in the country. We can meet the
increasing demands for the youth as well as male and female supplying to develop the country
and the economics remittance to flow. So, we are looking forward to continue our growth and
promoting the economics and we have face more challenge in future.

Our only objective is to take care of your business needs and, all at the same time, leave you
with a good impression as to Nepalese workers are efficient and always a good decision for
businesses worldwide, whether it is for an ordinary or a specialist job. So far, we are very
happy for what we have been able to achieve in the past, however still maintaining constant
up-gradation and quality improvement in imparting our services to you.

Thanks to all our business associates worldwide. Safal Overseas is all geared up to serve you
with even better deliveries in the days to come.

We can assure you of complete satisfaction with our style of operation, confidentiality as well
as fruitful results.

With best wishes,
Bunu Silwal