Primerose Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

 Ranibari Chowk,Samakhusi, Kathmandu

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Name : Primerose Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Type : Primerose Overseas Pvt. Ltd.

Address : Samakhusi-26, Kathmandu.

Contact : 0097714384761

Email: [email protected]

Registration Date : 19 July 2017 (17 Shrawan 2074)

Registration Number(Office of the Company Registrar,Government of Nepal) : 169976

Permanent Account Number (Internal Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance, Government of Nepal) : 605935750 / License No. 1233

Chairman & Managing Director : Mr. Ravi Poudel

Marketing Director & Consultant : Mr. Ankadwhaj Mote

Overseas Marketing Director : Dato Roy NG

Overseas Marketing Executive: Datin Amilia Lun

Business : Recruiting and supplying man power to the clients.

Clients and Partners : Malaysia and Gulf countries, Hong Kong and more…

Membership : Nepal Manpower Association

Bankers : Nepal Rastriya Bank, Prime Bank Ltd. Kathmandu

Particular Details
Manpower Name: Primerose Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Government License No.: 1233/074/75
Address: Ranibari Chowk,Samakhusi, Kathmandu
Contact: +9771-4384761
Email Address: [email protected]