Moughal International Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Message from the Chairman 

    Mr.Mohan Acharya

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to pour my bundle of greetings toward those employers, who are seeking employees from Nepal as well as those candidates, who are seeking a job abroad. As Nepalese people are honest, hardworking and brave, they started acquiring jobs abroad since the Second World War. The world history is still the witness to say that Nepalese people had exhibited an exemplary job by exposing their bravery in many sectors during the Second World War. As I have been so long in Saudai Arabia, Qatar and U.A.E. for my visit purpose, I could be able to get wide knowledge about the settlement of job in those countries for foreigners, which encouraged me to involve in manpower recruiting sector. Since the fundamental resource of manpower of these countries is foreign employment and on the other hand, backbone of economy of Nepalese people is foreign remittance, my attempt in this sector is purely based to fulfill both way requirement of employment as well as to establish good relationship between two countries. In conclusion, I must thank all of our parties abroad who are in touch with us.

Mohan Acharya
Moughal International Services Pvt. Ltd.

Particular Details
Manpower Name: Moughal International Services Pvt. Ltd.
Government License No.: 470/060/61
Address: New Baneshwor-34,Ktm.,Nepal
Contact: 009771-4486155
Email Address: [email protected]