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Golden Job Opportunity In CYPRUS, Monthly Salary : 1,09,000/-

- Posted on : 2019-07-15 17:13:11

CYPRUS has published a job vacancy for the interested candidates through vacancy LT No.220822. There are various attractive job positions with monthly salary Up to One Lakh -nine thousand rupees.There will be Over Time facility provided according to the r

Looking for Jobs in SECURITY GUARD ,132 Candidates Required

- Posted on : 2019-04-10 11:52:58

UAE has published vacancy announcement for the interested applicants for job under LT No.219269. Security guard is the job vacancy position from this company. Working days per week is six days only. Basic salary for this job is Sixty thousand rupees. You

Security Guard Demand In UAE .

- Posted on : 2019-02-01 11:25:15

UAE has published vacancy announcement for the interested applicants for job under LT No. 216994 . Security guard is the job vacancy position from this company. Working days per week is six days only. Basic salary for this job is sixty-two thousand rupees

Urgent Demad, Security Guard Wanted

- Posted on : 2018-10-28 15:37:19

Jobs in UAE's Semi Government company, Visa Grantee within 5 days

- Posted on : 2018-10-05 15:51:31

Attractive job opportunity in UAE, position for PSBD Security Guard, Interested and experienced candidates may contact us as soon as possible.  For more details, please see below demand snapshot. This demand also published in Kantipur National Daily Newsp

Metro Overseas Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading manpower recruitment agency in Nepal, established in 2017 under the Company Act 2053 of and Department of Foreign Employment. It was established by the leading experts in the field of recruitment service. Since the establishment, the company has gained vast experience in the field of recruitment which has enabled it to be one of the reputed company in the country. Within the short period of time company has owned remarkable achievement and has ensured the total satisfaction of many renewed companies and organization inside the country and overseas.

Metro Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has dispatched thousands of professional (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled) from Nepal to Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia and East Asia etc. Its highly qualified professional makes our clients get maximum output at minimum cost and effort. Our clients can rely on us. We have never failed them in the past and will make it equally easy for them in future. We complete in the employment service industry by offering a complete range of recruitment service.

Categories of Workers Available Through Metro Overseas


  • Engineers: Civil / Electrical / Mechanical / Electronic / Telecom /Computer/IT/ Petrol & Diesel
  • Architects/Planners, Construction Managers, QA/QC Inspector, HSE Inspector/Officer, Planning/Cost Controller, Documents/Drawing/Material Controller
  • Doctor, Medical Consultants, General Specialist, Physicians/Surgeons/Para Medical/Gynecologist/Physiotherapist
  • Professors/Teachers in various fields.
  • Financial & Banking Specialists (Cashier/Tailor/Manager)
  • Chartered/Cost Accountant/Merchandising Distributor, Administrative Personnel Distributor/Supplier & other more


  •  Engineering and construction supervisors/Overseers,
  • Welders (Gas/Electric)
  • Foreman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Plant Operators (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Mechanists/Turners/Tool Makers/Steel Fixers
  • Airport fire & Safety
  • Electricians (L. T. & H. T.)
  • Electroplater/Craft workers
  • Carpenters/Cabin Makers
  • Travelers & Tour (Ticketing/airlines), Receptionist
  • Scaffolders, Erector
  • Plumbers/Pipe Fitters
  • Masons/Tile Fixers/Plasters/Wall/Brick
  • Mechanics (Air Conditioning/Heavy & Light Equipment) Technicians
  • Hotel/Casino/Restaurant personnel: Waiter, Cook, Bakers, Front Office Personnel, Food and Beverage, House Keepers, Captain, Manager
  • Supermarket: Manager, Accountant, Supervisor, Cashier, Storekeeper, Salesman, Computer Operator, Driver cum Salesman
  • Garments Designer/Tailors/Textile/Jute Workers, Sewing Machine Operator
  • Computer Operators, Programmer, hardware technicians
  • Drivers (Heavy/Light)/Trailer/Equipment Operator/Bulldozer Operator, Earth moving/Construction Equipment Operators
  • Draught Men (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil), Riggers
  • Nurses/Caregiver/housekeepers/Midwives/CMA/CHW/ANM and Care Assistant (Male/Female)
  • Pharmacists Medical/Medical Representatives
  • Laboratory Technicians (Medical Assistants/Paramedics & other more.


  • (Security Personnel)
  • Ex’ British Army, Ex-Singapore Army
  • Ex’ Nepalese Army, Ex- Indian Army
  • Ex’ Nepalese Police/Armed Police Force
  • Armed Security
  • Security Supervisor/ Security Guard/ Body Guard


  • Carpenters/Shutterers
  • Concrete Mixer Operator
  • Helpers (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
  • Kitchen Helper/Assistance Cook
  • Laundry, Cleaner, Iron Men
  • Mason Helpers (Brick/Block/Marble/Chips/Ceramic)
  • Pump Operators
  • Block Makers
  • Garment Tailors/ Carpet Designer and Waivers Barbers/Beauty Parlor all types of hair dresser (Male/Female)
  • Gardeners and other more


  • General Labors
  • Cleaners/Sweepers/Helpers
  • Agricultural Labors/ Farmers/Field Plantation
  • Watchmen/Guards
  • Peon/Office Boy
  • Airport Loaders Industries Labors (Various Categories)
  • Dairy Workers and Salesman & other more

Metro Overseas would upon hearing from the employer proceed to notify the candidate to fulfill the requirements that may be laid down by the employer for the propose. Metro Overseas would also be able to arrange written tests and interviews on behalf of the employer, is so required. The same arrangement would apply in those cases where posts are advertised. Metro Overseas would welcome if the employers were to depute their own representative to conduct tests and interviews. We provide free five star hotel accommodation for our clients.

1. Inquiry labor, manpower and overseas

Metro Overseas is maintaining a CV bank, which contains a rich reservoir of resumes ranging from experienced professionals of the highest caliber of qualified, versatile and highly skilled personnel. This CV bank is updated regularly on the basis of information received from the candidates, educational and professional training institutions both in the public and private sector. The data bank is accessed to respond to job inquiries received from potential employers and Manpower recruitment firms. The service is provided to employers and recruitment firms on complimentary basis. They are encouraged to send their inquiries to the organization in the strictest confidence.

2. Advertisement

Metro Overseas is advertising the job openings, manpower request in the national’s press. The advertisement would be designed in accordance with the requirements of the employer. A period of seven days for appearance of the advertisement and a margin of fifteen days for candidates to apply would have to be allowed normally. (As specified in the Nepal Labor, Act.)

3. What we require from you

We require following document from you to grand recruitment authority from Nepal Government & to advertise in Daily Nationals News Papers.

– Power of Attorney (Attested by Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs & Nepal Embassy)

– Demand Letter (Attested by Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs & Nepal Embassy)

– Agency Agreement

– Employment Agreement

– Guarantee Paper Visa copy/NOC

4. Medical Examination

Metro Overseas would ensure that every candidate undergoes a medical fitness examination to satisfy the health requirements and physical fitness standards set forth by the employer.
Qualified doctors would conduct this examination. Their written reports would be sent to the employer. The selected manpower will also be cleared from the security point of view if desired the employer.

5. Service Agreement

To avoid any legal claims/dispute, Metro Overseas, would stress upon the employer and the candidates to sign a Foreign Service agreement. This agreement is usually in line with laws if any, operating in the country of origin as well as employment. In addition, this document can include any special condition(s) that may be prescribed by the employer within the legal framework of the country of origin or employment. In the area of human resource recruitment, Metro Overseas renders the following professional services to its foreign employers and recruitment firms:

– Provision of resumes from office.

– Resumes from the applicant and send to the employers upon request.

– Designing and placement of advertisements in leading newspapers. (National News papers)

– Receipt and short-listing of applicants.

– Calling candidates for interviews.

– Facilitating the interview process.

– Testing and security clearance.

– Verification and authentication of certificates.

– Medical examination by authorized Medical Officers.

– Visa endorsement by respective embassies.

– Ticketing and reservation of passage.

– Pre-departure orientation and briefing.

6. Training

Our company has established its own full-fledged training class run by a senior professional expert. Classroom lectures, role-play exercise and assignment specific training carry out training. Based on experience on the basic guarding skills, they are taught the rudiment of First Aids, Fire Fighting and self-defense. Industrial and commercial security training is also conducted to cover client’s specific requirement.

7. Clearance

Metro Overseas takes serious steps in the selection of suitable manpower, verification of their records before sending them to our employers. In addition to these, our agency has qualified staff to carry out documents, relevant paper works for clearance from Labour Ministry as per Nepal Labour Law. This process ensures that we guarantee the quality manpower.

Particular Details
Manpower Name: Metro Overseas Pvt. Ltd
Government License No.: 1388/074/075
Address: Samakhushi-26, Kathmandu, State No. 3, Nepal
Contact: +97714356184, +97714354131
Email Address: [email protected]