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Vacancy Announcement For 250 Employees To Work In UAE

- Posted on : 2019-05-10 12:37:19

UAE is looking for well experienced candidate for job opportunity under vacancy LT No.219968.There are different  job vacancy positions from this company. Working days per week is six days. There will be food and accommodation facilities. High basic salar

Career Building Opportunity In SAFFRON BOUTIQUE HOTEL, UAE

- Posted on : 2019-05-07 11:30:22

UAE is looking for the employees through vacancy LT No.219965.There are various job vacancy position to which basic high salary will be provided from company up to Fifty-five thousand rupees. Contract period for all position will be two years. Experienced


- Posted on : 2019-01-18 10:44:36

SECURE ME WLL company of BAHRAIN has published vacancy announcement for the interested applicants for job under LT No. 216561 . Security guard is the job vacancy position from this company. Working days per week is six days only. Basic salary for this job

The company is fully equipped with complete facilities that an international standard company needs, the I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. explores employment to thousands of Nepalese youth every year. It has reservoir of complete solution to the need of human resource.

We source our manpower through advertisement and through our offical channels for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. We headhunt to meet the demand of highly technical and professional manpower. Today, a hugh number of such manpower throng to our company for quality and prompt service. IMS Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has a fully equipped management with the swift service aimed at our consumers across the globe. Anyone wanting to source manpower from Nepal, we believe we are the right company. The company has a very fast mechanism to respond all enquiries relating to the industry.

I.M.S. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. believes in competency blended with quality. The company can provide a complete solution of the requirement of Nepalese manpower abroad. Till now this Company has been successful to satisfying the demands of many Gulf countries - Saudi Arabia, UAE, Baharain, Qatar, Kuwait - and Malaysia for their manpower requirement.

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Manpower Name: IMS Manpower Pvt. Ltd
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