Grand Fortune Employment Services Pvt. Ltd

 Kathmandu N.P. 9, Sinamangal

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We guarantee the personnel provided by us will be adequately qualified, experienced, dependable, and will have a total commitment to your company, its practices & regulations.

We are pleased to avail this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and your esteemed organization as one of the most professional, productive, cost & time efficient human resource training, development and recruiting consultants in Nepal.

Grand Fortune Employment Services Pvt. Ltd., A well established recruiting agency is made up of people with experience, capabilities, dedication and confidence. We are therefore, confident enough to meet your demands both for skilled and un-skilled personnel to the best of our & our customer's satisfaction.

Particular Details
Manpower Name: Grand Fortune Employment Services Pvt. Ltd
Government License No.: 1024/068/069
Address: Kathmandu N.P. 9, Sinamangal
Contact: +97714461568
Email Address: [email protected]