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With the view to provide thorough professional, ethical, reliable & personalized services in field of Overseas recruitment, HR Consultancy, Head hunting and “user specific” Nepalese personnel’s, Al-Khaleej International (P) Ltd. was registered in 1999 and approved by Government of  Nepal Ministry of Labour vide license no. 133/055/56.

We have been instrumental in providing best of the talent of qualified & professional manpower (4000+) to the leading plus reputed organization, embassy, army, government department, companies, corporations, etc throughout the GLOBE more particularly to Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, etc.  The personnel selected were meant for wide range of fields.

Our Team has vast business experience in handling various Manufacturing Industries, Trading companies, Social organization as well as Service oriented trade/industries/association.  Moreover, few had widely traveled abroad for attending conferences, seminars, business meets, workshop, training, trade fairs, jobs, etc as well.  The selection process is thus devised on a very professional system and approach in order to find the right people for the specified job and ensure that all aspects of the recruitment process is carried by prompt, personalized & thorough professional service to their clientele.

We have various categories of human resources viz. Professionals, Skilled, Semi-Skilled, Unskilled, etc. readily available from Nepal.  We can also supply experienced manpower who has previously worked abroad.  The candidates selected for overseas recruitment are first carefully interviewed, screened and then technically tested by our qualified Technical Trade & Professional Consultants who are from reputed MNC.  On being approved they then undergo a physical/psychological test and thorough medical check-up conducted by G.C.C./HMG Nepal Govt. approved & authorized panel of Doctors/Medical Center’s.  Moreover, we guarantee departure of candidates within stipulated time limit.

While laying emphasis on the individual solutions, we take great care in properly identifying qualified, trained and experienced personnel for contractual or permanent employment. It is the quality of the professionals hired by the company, which ensures the winning edge over others in today’s highly competitive business world.

The belief, which keeps us going, is that “there is always a room at the top.”





  • Our data bank has the CVs of about 100 people containing profiles of various categories of workers from a cross section of Industries.  Hence we have to pick up the right CV and inform the candidate by cable or by call letters or by telephone to attend the preliminary interview.  If they are qualified as per your requirements, only then we will forward you the said CVs to you.

  • When a personal selection & interview has to be conducted by you then the same can be scheduled in our office and or suitable place outside our offices only after NOC is obtained from the Labour Ministry.  We can arrange a full-fledged workshop with all equipment and tools of the trade for testing the peoples at all these places.

  • After receiving the correct information and if the order is confirmed, we can arrange the interview within 14-day notice.  If you require especially skilled categories we advise you to schedule the interview after 2~3 weeks, so that senior category will get sufficient time to take leave and attend the interview.

  • Our role is purely on, of the screening, interviewing, trade testing the candidates based on certain norms and company procedures developed by ourselves plus the selection criteria supplied by the employers and it is entirely the client’s responsibility to check thoroughly the candidate’s qualifications, experience and suitability in all respects.  Though every care is taken whilst interviewing and selecting the peoples, we cannot be held responsible for their character and integrity.




  • For the period of two months of the deployed candidates, incase of selection & interview conducted by us.

  • Further, if any candidate recruited by us is found medically unfit within two weeks of deployment, we shall arrange for his repatriation and replacement accordingly.

  • Moreover, we assure the candidates of getting all the facilities & allowances as mentioned in their employment contract.

  • Other Terms & Conditions shall be as agreed between our organizations.

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