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Jobs in Poland for General Worker Male/Female, Welder and Painter

- Posted on : 2017-08-17 07:06:14

Jobs in Poland for General Worker Male/Female, Welder and Painter

Achieve International Pvt. Ltd. is an integral part of the Himalayan Odyssey Group of Companies (Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Human Resources, Cargo/Freight Forwarding, and General Trading) and has been supplying skilled and unskilled human resources to many countries for the past years.

Achieve International Pvt. Ltd. mainly use ex-army men and Gurkhas for the security personnel and other labor are sent from various other walks of life. We also provide general staff for caretakers, nurses, agricultural workers, accountants, bookkeeping, catering, IT related personnel, housekeeping etc.

Amongst the myriad of manpower companies in Nepal, Achieve International Pvt. Ltd. stand out as a highly professional and service oriented company. Extremely up-to-date and in touch with the advancing technologies, we maintain our networking with partner companies worldwide through Achieve Internationalthe means of e-technologies and conventional communication means as well. Our directors are always in “reachable” status and attention is given to all clients 24/7/365. 

Reliability is our main strength and our base clientele is a good list of “returnees”, which goes to prove our high standards of service and attention that we meet out to our projects. Our clients' projects are our own and this is the main guideline that we affix to each and every one of our projects. We encourage Nepali applicants to post their resume for opportunities to work abroad and prospective employers to send us their requirement or post their available jobs. Achieve International Pvt. Ltd. assist you in sourcing out the perfect candidates for you.

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