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 Samakhusi Tokharoad, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Jobs for Kuwait, Position for Restaurant Labour

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About Aamidaba

Aamidaba buddha Manpower Pvt. Ltd  Company is one of the  rising human resource service provider based  in Kathmandu, Nepal which was established  by well experienced Human Resource Consultant , as a Human Resource, and Management Consultancy in Nepal . Since its early stage of foundation, the Company is recognized as a reliable partner in its field of expertise. Being the managing partner and has been a product of various experiences with other companies. We have full occupied office and trained staffs.

The network of Aamidaba Buddha manpower Pvt. Ltd related companies is comprehensive which has very intimate relationship in countries with rich manpower pool: they are continually training and re-training its workforce by providing them local work to sustain and improve their capabilities and skills. This team effort across companies and continents provides unique advantage when functioning on a global basis.

Aamidaba Buddha manpower Pvt. Ltd is the force to reckon with:

Well manned well equipped with experience and expertise it is progressively developing diversified capabilities, and adjusting methods to meet the specific needs of each customer and project. 

How can we help you?

More than ever, the ability to tap the power of people with the right skills and experience can make a company success. That’s why we can fuel your company success. We apply or invite selection for our clients as their family member with extraordinary results.

We will be giving set for success more than you ever thought possible.

Particular Details
Manpower Name: Aamidaba Buddha Manpower Pvt. Ltd.
Government License No.: 227/058/059
Address: Samakhusi Tokharoad, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: +97714364763, +97714354152
Email Address: [email protected]
Website: http://www.aamidaba.com